What is the scientific rank of the Quarterly?

The Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has a scientific-research ranking, awarded by the Joint Auditing Board of the Academies of the IR Iran, approved in its sixth meeting held on April 9, 2005. This quarterly is indexed by the Islamic World Science Citation Database

What type of article does this journal accept?

Scientific-Research articles

How should be the structure of an article for this journal?

Please visit the home page of the site and read the section on Authors’ Instruction

How long does it take to review an article?

It depends on the type of article. Sometimes it may takes several months.

When will the results of peer review be announced?

Once the reviewers’ views are received.

How should we follow up the peer review result?

Through visiting the Authors’ Page on the Site.

How should we follow up a submitted article?

Through the Authors’ Page on the Site or contact us

In case an article has multiple authors, should the corresponding author be the first author?

One of the authors will act as a corresponding author throughout the whole process