Contributors are required to observe all the following principles and points, register at the website and submit their articles to the editor-in-chief of the Journal. They should state that they have not published the article before and that it is not under consideration for publication anywhere else. The author/authors should follow the rules and standard of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE). The authors should reference any data or material used and they should keep morality subject in their article.


The authors should follow Duties and  Responsibilities of Author


1. Submission of standard and scientific articles

Authors are required to prepare their articles in a scientific and integrated way and according to the standards set by the Journal. The method applied for the preparation of the article should be accurate and concrete and the information should be presented in a proper way. Through complete referencing, the right of others should be observed in the article. Authors should avoid presenting sensitive matters of taste and immorality, ethnic and religious issues, falsified information and translation of the works of others without referring to them.

2. Originality of the submitted article

Articles submitted for consideration must be original. Contributors must indicate clearly all use of materials and translations not of their own authorship.

3. Avoiding concurrent publication of an article or an article already accepted and published. Simultaneous submission of an article to several journals for publication is illegal.

4. Correct citation
The list of all the books, journals and databases cited in the article should be provided in the reference section of the article.

5. Names of corresponding author and co-authors
A corresponding author is a person who has contributed to the preparation, design and processing of the article. The names of co-authors are also indicated in the article. The corresponding author should ensure that the names and other information of the co-authors are provided in the article and that no other name is presented. Before submission, all the authors should have read the fair copy of the article and have agreed on it.

6. The article should try to keep the following structure:

Title, Author full name and affiliation, Abstract (in Persian and English), Key words,


Literature survey

Definition of the problem

Research method

Analysis and discussion




Appendixes and questioners

7. Financial support sponsors
The authors of an article should introduce all financial support sponsors.

8. Declaring major mistakes in the article
9. There is not any article processing charge from the author/authors

10. Authors are required to immediately report to the Journal on the mistakes they find in their article and to correct them or to take their article back.

11. Others

All words and numbers in all figures, and tables should be translated to Persian, and reference should be made to the original article.

All figues and tables should be embded in appropriate position of the text appropriate siz.

  Article’s features
The Iranian Journal of Engineering Education is published in Persian. In particular cases, articles are published in English as well. The English abstracts of articles are also included in the Journal. All references should be in English.
The full article should be at most 8000 words, and the short article should not exceed 4000 words.

  Title of the article
The title of an article should be appropriate for its content, objectives and results of a research; it should briefly clarify the subject of the research for the reader. The title should not have unnecessary words in it.

  Author’(s) names
The names of author(s) should be mentioned under the title of the article. The academic rank, field of study, name of faculty, university, city, country along with the email address should be included as a footnote.


Published references that are cited from in the article should be included within the body of the text in parentheses using author family name and year of publication (Apply “API “format. The complete list of such references should be added to the end of the article in the order that they appear in the text. Sample references are as follows

 Haghighi, F., & Farajollahi, M. (2015). Theoretical fundamentals of open and distance education, Aristotle Publishing, [in Persian].

Memarian, M., (2019). Analysis if Iran’s first experience in distance education, free University of Iran. Iranian Journal of Engineering Education, 81, 99-127 [in Persian].

Mills, J. E. & Treagust, D.F. (2003). Engineering education: Is problem-based or project-based learning the answer. Australasian Journal of Engineering Education, 3(3) 2-16.

Jangjou, Z. (2019). Computer engineering, information technology and sustainable development. The 5th International Conference on Science & Technology with Sustainable Development Approach, Shiraz [in Persian].

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