Based on item 9 of the second goal of Academy of Science of I.R. Iran for promotion of science and knowledge in the country by publication of books and journal, Engineering Group of Academy publishes Iranian Journal of Engineering Education. In line with the aims and responsibilities of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of IR Iran, the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education is published to examine, analyze and promote the engineering profession in Iran and to lay the ground for the dissemination of information and scientific know-how, provision of experiences and achievements of engineering education researchers and promotion of the knowledge of engineers and professionals.

The first issue of this quarterly magazine was published in the spring of 1999 with the permission of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

This publication is published under the following conditions:

1-Iranian Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE) is open access and copyright is reserved based on (CC) for the authors.

2- The IJEE does not charge any fees for reviewing, printing and publishing from the authors.

3-The IJEE promote collaboration between scholarly publishers, researchers, and other interested parties to enhance the unrestricted availability of scholarly citation data.

4- The IJEE is free to reject accept, edit, or modify the received articles. Authors should have agreement with the final version of the article.

5- Authors, referees, editorial board and editor should act based on the materials listed in the ethics section (COPE) of the published article.

6-All received articles are first evaluated by using the software available in the system as well as by Hemayab in order to recognize the originality of the article, compliance with research ethics and correctness of ownership.

7- IJEE articles that are the result of research work and are about the subjects included in the publishing fields are put in the review process.

8-The corresponding author must complete, sign and submit the ethical commitment form and the conflict of interest form when uploading the article.

9- The IJEE is digitally archived in the following sources

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10-All received articles are checked for plagiarism on editorial and scientific subjects with the software  ( Hamyab)

11- Publication dates: Quarterly

12-Publication language: Persian and abstracts and references are in English

13- Indexed: Yes

14- Type of arbitration: Two-way anonymous with the opinion of at least 2 referees

15- Type of publication: Scientific and research studies

16- Specialized field: Topics related to Science and Engineering Education

17-َAll articles have DOR, DOI numbers

Based on Academy of Science Research Committee on Feb. 2018, IJEE is ranked as a research Journal.

Publication Subjects

A. Developments in Engineering Education

-New frontiers in Engineering Education

-Design of new courses or Programs

-Future of Engineering Education in Iran and Glob

-Standard of Education and Education of Standard in Engineering

-Online Engineering Education

-Engineering Education along Sustainable Development

-Interdisciplinary Education in Engineering

-Science and Technology Development

-Varity in Engineering Education

B. Quality Assessment and Innovation

-Cognition and Effective Parameters on Thinking and Knowledge of Engineering

-Assessment of Courses and Programs in Engineering

-New Schemes in Education and Learning

-Implementation of Methods, Tools, and Parameters in Quality Assessment of Engineering Development

-Effect of Quality of Education on Promotion of Engineering

C. Research and Studies

-Situation of Research and Studies on Engineering Education

-Research on Engineering Education

-History of Science and Technology in Engineering

-Tradition Experiences in Education and Documentation

D. Promotion of Culture and Humanities

-Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship in Engineering Education

-Rule of Social Science in Engineering Education

-Ethics in Engineering

-Ethics in Teaching

-Ethics in Research

E. Education in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Educational Science

-All scientific and research articles related to the Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Psychology and Educational Science