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According to  the aim of Engineering group of Iranian Academy of Science Iranian Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE) publishes to  serves as national source focusing on Engineering Education Developments, Engineering Practice, Science and Humanities Promotion, Improvement Quality of Education, National & International Cooperation, Peace Engineering and Ethical Development. We aim at helping Engineers/Industrial Managers/Engineering Faculties for a sustainable development in line of global technical & professional advancement.

Iranian Journal of Engineering Education (IJEE) is a quarterly open access and peer-reviewed journal. It is published since spring 1999. According to ISC ranking, IJEE is Q2 in engineering subjects . IJEE is also evaluated and graded "A" by Department of Publications of Ministry of Science, Technology of Higher Education.

 IJEE follows rules and regulations of Committee of Publication Ethics (COPE) for processing, reviewing, acceptance and publications of articles. Iranian Journal of Engineering Education is grateful for the sincere cooperation of the Iranian Engineering Education Association.

Based of expansion of various subjects in engineering education such as new area of engineering, interdisciplinary subjects, globalization, important of creativity, qualification, and cognitive science, various subjects are introduced for the researchers to select when they want to submit an article.  

All interested people, faculty members of universities, scholars and professionals are invited to contribute their articles by registering through the website of the Journal.

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