Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Professor, Institute for Cognitive Science Studies, Tehran University

2 Professor, Faculty of Psychology and Education, Tehran University

3 PhD, Psychology and Education, Tehran University

4 M.A, Psychology and Education, Tehran University


The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship between the interaction of students of engineering higher education institution Mehr Alborz and their academic performance. The study population included all male and female students at the University School of Engineering and sampling is simple random sampling. The data collection tool is questionnaire. The results of the survey questions showed that the average obtained for different kinds of interaction in e-learning Mehr Alborz is relatively favorable. As well as for interactions between all components of academic performance, there was a significant positive correlation coefficient. The highest power components was predicted academic performance of student interaction with faculty and student interaction with students. Additionally there is no significant difference between components of interaction and gender and vice versa. There is a significant difference only for student-content, student-teacher assistant with IT experience. In the others word students who having IT experience have more interaction with content and teaching assistant.