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1 tehran university

2 College of Engineering University of Tehran

3 professor of chemical engineering,university of tehran

4 Chemical Eng Depart University of Tehran

5 Professor, Tehran University



Today, new technologies produce diverse data sets in the engineering sciences. Data science has provided the necessary tools for storing, analyzing, and managing these data set. In the near future, in almost all areas, traditional jobs will soon be replaced by data-driven jobs. Lack of efficient and trained human resources is a serious obstacle in managing large amounts of data in organizations, firms, and executive bodies. As a result, teaching and applying data science at the undergraduate and graduate levels in engineering disciplines, including chemical engineering, are inevitable. In this study, the importance of creating new courses on data science for evaluating big data and the role of these trainings in the development of chemical engineering in academia and industry are examined. For this purpose, data science courses in the top universities are reviewed and finally suggestions are presented. Titles are also suggested for how to present these courses. Providing these trainings to chemical engineers can help them to gain job opportunities and deal with large data in the chemical industry.


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