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Nanotechnology is the third millenniums phenomenon; which without using it, the important gathers of the second millennium (IT, BT, MT) would not operate to the full extend, Nanotechnology is not a new field but it is a new approach to all Sciences and Technologies 10-9 , in the other word, as scientists and technologists says:
Nano-Technology & Science= Future
Nature Controls systems in atomic scale, accuracy and control means every particle or trace stay at its own special place. Combination of these structures would have its own special properties. This phenomenon tries to reach anc control basic and fundamental structures to create and establish desired properties in materials, or chage and modify them in an optimum quality and quantity.
The accuracy, control and namufacturing scale causes basic changes in systems design. A New approach to all Sciences & Technologies(10-9) would cause a great technology revolution in industry and human being life
Extensive applications of this phenomenon folwed by Social, Political, Ethical and human righ; have this technology that weaps all the other science and technology fields. In this research after having an introduction to this phenomenon and its applications; Carbon, Carbon Nanotubes, Carbon fibers and their extensive applications are studied.