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Education is one of the important factors to achieve cultural awareness on environmental protection. Education of public results in increase of their knowledge for effective use of resources, decision making and change in behavior. More public knowledge on environmental protection results in better obeying rules and regulations. Environmental knowledge results in increase of accountability and inner motivation. The structure of change in behavior toward environment is giving information, providing enabling factors and resources for change in behavior. It must be understood that the human health and welfare and the quality of life have a close connection with the nature of environment. This necessitates planning and budget allocation for promotion of citizen’s belief and attitudes toward environmental health. The planning and organization of citizen’s education on environmental issues should be based on their need and their priorities. Human behavior is a reflection of his awareness and attitudes. The concept of environmental health and protection should be part of the curriculum from preschool to the university level. The mass media, training of environmental specialist and evaluation of educational program can contribute to the expansion of public knowledge in environmental protection.