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Inhabitable Loot and Central deserts cover a greater share of the areas of the Iranian plateau. The marginal lands of the Zagroas and Albors mountain ranges are the habitable land of the country, and a comprehensive programs of environmental protection of these areas including the national parks and the wildlife sanctuaries etc. should be planned and implemented. Despite the existence of certain environmental rules and regulations our national parks, sanctuaries etc. are not in a healthy condition and they suffer from a lack of proper control and various encroaching elements have had debilitating impacts on them. The status of the Lar National park is presented as a case study in this work.
There are also several other alarming issues confronting the environmental health of our country; these include, but is not limited to, the reduction of the northern forest areas, destruction of the pasture lands by overgrazing, and consequent soil erosion and flooding. A drastic reduction of the wildlife animals, birds and also marine populations of the country as a result of over-hunting, over-fishing, destruction of habitats, and increasing levels of river pollution are observed. “Near extinction” status of many animals, birds, and the fish species of the country indicates that environmental health of our country is in a rather critical condition. To revive it one needs an immediate action plan with coordinated and concerted efforts of all of the relevant governmental and private agencies. A number of recommendations or educational tips are presented to slow down the destruction rate of the country’s environment.