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Foreign-born scientist and engineers contribute significantly to the brain power of the developed countries.
This emigration of such highly skilled personnel called “brain drain”. More recently, however the mobility of highly talented worker can be referred to as “brain circulation” if this followed by a return to the home country. In the past several decades” brain drain” phenomena has been the subject of many research. This paper focuses on the impact of this migration on human capital and growth in Iran, and as been divided in 3 sections, history causes and how brain circulation can be dominated.
This paper is the first part of this report.
Data on the mobility and stay rated of Iranian expert to the United States, Europe and other developed countries on the past 30 year support the more brain drains with highly increasing rate and very little brain circulation.
This paper has shown that the brain problem in this country is real and highly serious. For our country to be successful in delivering its mission outcomes in the future development and growth, brain should be replaced by drain circulation.