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1 Faculty Member of Shahid Beheshti University

2 MA. Educational Administration in International Branch of Shahid Beheshti University


The purpose of this research is the internal evaluation of Department of Electrical Engineering of Shahid Beheshti University by using a systemic approach to recognize its strengths, weaknesses and consequently to offer some suggestions for its quality improvement. The research methodology was descriptive survey. Statistical population were 8 subgroups including: Head of the department (the former and present), faculty members, the librarians and associate deans of education & research that were fully surveyed. Also the graduates (112), undergraduates (103) and post-graduate (38) students were selected randomly. In This study questionnaires and organized interviews were used. To analyze the data, descriptive statistics, one-way analysis of variance, and Scheffe testing were used. The results have shown that scores of input, process and outputs indicators of Electronic Engineering Department were:1/92,  2/16  and 1/86. Generally, the department status for all the factors were at relatively acceptable level, but requires further struggle and activities of deans and faculty members and officials for quality improvement of the department. For example attraction of faculty members with high experience, using various teaching methods, adjusting subjects with individual and community needs and creation of the Alumni Association.