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The systematic review of chemical engineering curriculum, including the Humanities, Social Sciences, Basic courses, Engineering Core and Technical specialties, is part of responsibilities of High Council of Cultural Revolution s subcommittees. This is a need for most of lecturers and the higher education system of Iran. In this paper a comparison is made between the content of physics, chemistry and mathematics taught in High schools and at the junior level of chemical engineering departments in Iran. The study shows that numerous existing overlaps between the topics at these two levels curriculum are the cause of students disappointment and their academic inefficiencies. The centralized planning of curriculum is not an adequate solution considering the diversity of admitted students skill level, different level of teachers skills and poorly equipped laboratories at high school. Considering the capabilities, qualities and capacities of big universities, the permission of independent education curriculum planning is a remedy. Furthermore basic Courses contents in chemical engineering curriculum should also be prepared in coordination with high school syllabuses.