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The main objective of various Engineering field of study to develop various products and services based on recent advances in science and technology. In order to achive this objective, various engineering fields of study have a multidisciplinary nature in which all the topics covering various subjects related (either explicitly or implicitly) to them are offered in their curriculums.
As the new techniques and theories emerges in various scientific and  technological areas the curriculum and syllabus of engineering fields utilizing those areas should also be revised and updated in order to accommodate these enhancements and developments. Chemical Engineering like other engineering areas also requires the continuous revision and update in its curriculum. The first workshop in Chemical Engineering Education was taken place in order to fulfill this requirement. This paper summarizes all the aspects and issues corresponding to teaching of the “process control” course in the chemical engineering curriculum. Updated and revised syllabus as well as teaching and evaluating mechanisms are explained and the required courseware’s to accomplish the teaching objectives are reviewed.