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Department of Engineering Shiraz University


Research and investigation in engineering sciences is recognized as the engine of technological and industrial developments. Engineering schools are the most outstanding parts of the society, which play the most important role in the improvement of research and industrial technologies. Among the various groups of university students, graduate students, especially Ph.D. students, because of their superior scientific abilities in different fields, have the major contribution to doing fundamental and applied research and producting new technologies at the universities. Regarding the lack of information about new techniques and tools and huge amount of scientific and technical data, it is important to train these graduate students “research schemes”. To increase student educational performance, reduce time and expenses, orient their projects to applied industrial problems, use resources and facilities more efficiently, it is suggested to train the Ph.D. student, a research method course at the beginning of there program. Furthermore, in this article the trend of variation of Ph.D. students in Engineering in the past decade of the country is studied. It is found a considerable rate of increase of Ph. D students in the country during the past decade. Regarding such important segment of the human resources with their contribution to conducting future universities and industries, the basic content of a research method course is proposed. For comparison, the contents of such course in other countries are also discussed.