Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Professor, Shiraz University, Faculty of Engineering

2 Engineering Sciences Division, Academy of Sciences of I.R.I.


Today knowledge based societies are growing around the globe. All scientists, intellectuals, and experts emphasize on the sustainable development for their future progress programs and policies and technologies. Advances in industrial technologies are one of the major elements for sustainable development, where the engineers are one of the main groups responsible for such industrial progresses. Regarding the above objectives, in this article attempt is made to distinguish different organizations which are policy makers for science and industries in our country. Their mutual correspondences to enhance such goals with respect to innovation are illustrated and explained in detail. It looks that innovation has become the key feature for any objective in the future of science and technology foresight. Concerning this fundamental principle, it is tried to develop a typical conceptual model for the science and technology progresses related to engineering based on science creation, science publication and science utilization.