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Professor shiraz University


Engineering profession has substantial contribution to the social, industrial and economical development of any country. Among various engineering disciplines, Mechanical Engineering plays an outstanding role for the growth of industry and technology. Mutual interaction of mechanical engineers with other engineers, managers, directors, economists, businessmen and finally with customers, reveals that the advancement of mechanical engineering education needs special policy and programs in the engineering colleges of our universities. Future technologies such as Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Information Technology cannot be ignored in any engineering education program and specially in the mechanical engineering. The basic knowledge of these technologies should be addressed during courses of studies in mechanical engineering education. Moreover, mechanical engineers face global competitions as well as internal competitions. Hence their knowledge strength should be emphasized during their education for their future success in developing new industries and productions. In the present article, such new technologies are discussed and the strategies that should be made for new Mechanical Engineering Education are described. It is hoped that the present suggestions can be implemented in the new programs of study of mechanical engineers of the colleges of engineering in our country.