Document Type : Scientific - Research


Assistant Professor , Civil Engineering Department, Islamic Azad University of Khoy


Connections are very important in steel structures and if they are not designed and built properly, their behavior differs from the designer’s expectations and even may lead to disaster. Therefore, achieving a good knowledge and understanding of the connections and proper details of the connections are very significant to structural engineers and students. However, such a deep understanding is not available in the course of few modules executed in technical universities, mostly because of serious instrumental and time deficiencies. One of the methods of overcoming this deficiency is to use proper models which can provide three dimensional views of the connections to students. In this paper, the application of some models of structural steel profiles and connection means are tested during the teaching of the steel structures’ connections. The results of utilizing models in teaching were successful, so that, it not only eased the teaching process, but also caused the students to attend more eagerly in the classes. In the paper, the procedure of choosing the parts, dimensions and quantities of the models are explained. Also, the results of a test carried out for the comparison of efficiency of the use of models are presented and discussed