Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Assistant Professors, Selection Tests Research Group Manager of Esfahan University

2 PhD.Student, Human Research Center Manager of Saipa

3 Environmental Studies Office Boss of Saipa Group

4 Saipa Research Office Expert


For the effective performance of engineering jobs general aptitude has the principal role. However, in selecting engineers in Iran, only scientific tests and personality–based interviews have been used. In the current study, the relation between engineers general aptitude and their job performance in saipa car company (N=106) has been investigated. Engineer's general aptitude is measured by General Aptitude Tests Battery (GATB) which was the main official selection instrument in the five last decades. Psychometric characteristics of these tests (reliability and validity ) were established on industrial companies engineers in Isfahan, then engineers job analysis was performed via Position Analysis Questionnaires (formerly performed in Iran Gas Company by Oreizy 1383, Nouri & oreizy, 1385 ) , and the relation between job dimension and aptitudes was determined. At last, Suggestions were made for GATB in Iran industry.