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1 MSc.Amir Kabir University of Technology, School of Industrial Engineering

2 Professor, Amir Kabir University of Technology, School of Industrial


Nowadays introducing an integrated strategy for achieving multidimensional development objectives of the Islamic Republic of Iran has a great importance. The more overlap on university and industry objectives lead to more cooperative development programs. The world researches have shown that industries have passed four paradigms with support of universities and research centers that are: 1. Productivity , efficiency and effectiveness paradigm 2. Quality paradigm 3. Competition and flexibility paradigm 4. Innovation paradigm ¬The periodic objectives had a great impact on preparing and gathering the “development strategies” for industries and scientific centers. The collaboration between industries and universities create shared goals whose identification them can help to codify the “shared industries and scientific centers collaborative strategies”. ¬This article is delivering a multidimensional strategy for amplifying and enlarging collaboration between industries and universities which can improve the fields of cooperation between them. Problems solving techniques have great impact on passing this periodic phase. Today is proved that problem solving techniques is a basic ability of industry and university managers, which have both technical and managerial aspects. This article also discuses these abilities in more details.