Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Profeesor, Sharif University of Technology, School of Mechanical Engineering

2 Assistant Professor, Al- Zahra University , School of Literature


As we enter the third millennium, technological development, advancement of science, and meaningful intellectual and educational competition take place at the national and international level, without an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the relationship between engineering sciences and societal needs (from the humanities, cultural, economic, and management points-of-views¬). It is like shooting in the dark. A historical review of famous Iranian and world scientist’s lives clearly shows that their expertise in the areas of humanities such as art, poetry, painting, philosophy, and Gnosticism has provided a close relationship with the societies and greatly increased their impact and influence on those societies [1]. University education in the world in its present form started from the study of theology, medicine, literature, law, mathematics, astronomy, and politics, a Many universities were established before engineering was really understood or anyone could really engineer anything. However, it is rather surprising that Iranian technological universities from the beginning have been ignorant of the role of humanities in engineering education. In fact, many highly ranked Technological Universities in the world pay special attention to this role and have very strong art and humanities departments. Hence, in this paper we explore the role and importance of art and humanities in engineering education at Iranian technological universities, and its effect on the success of their students and graduates in the current century.