Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Professor,School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran

2 PhD. Student, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran


In this paper, after a review on some novel applications in control engineering, a few of them are discussed in detail such as domain of attraction, monotone systems, desynchronization of coupled oscillators, and human emotion describing models. In spite of the long history of research on domain of attraction and wide range applications, until now there has been no general analytic method for the determination of domain of attraction. Improvement in analytic or approximate methods in this regard is substantial and is the subject of the first part of the paper. To date, monotone systems have been studied only from the analysis viewpoint, and control design approaches for such dynamical systems have not been considerably remarked. Control design may be so valuable in practice for nonlinear monotone systems with a little known dynamic information. The third part is dedicated to the desynchronization of coupled oscillators. Although the synchronization of different neurons plays an important role in biological information processing and rhythmical activity, several neurological diseases (e.g., essential tremor and Parkinson's disease) are related to pathologically enhanced synchronization of bursting neurons. Therefore, designing a controller to suppress the collective synchrony seems crucial. The last discussion illustrates the novel model’s abilities to describe emotional manners of human beings and effect of memory on them. When the advantages of non-integer order models are obtained, control methods are deputized for treatment.