Document Type : Scientific - Research


Instructor, Amirkabir University of Technology, Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering


An engineer is known as a creative person, and engineering is defined as a creative activities. This definition could open a window toward the engineering education. Engineers like others are engaged in routine daily problems, which could be solved by a method called Creative Problem Solving (CPS). Achieving the ideal goals of 2025 Country’s Development Plan (GCDP), that forces us to modify the current engineering education. Engineering education which is based on CPS could be a good candidate to apply most modified new and changes in the engineering education system. The main goal of this paper is a CPS illustration based on integrated engineering education system, as a new model. In this model, common engineering educational requirements could be defined based on CPS, as: a) general, b) basic, c) main and d) specified curriculums for a four year course. This could be achieved by the allowance of an engineering approach system, based on engineering educational vision. Educational determination planning could be also achieved by Brain Dominance Index (BDI). The effectiveness model could be evaluated by the mutual interaction relation between the industries and the universities. The advantage of the proposed engineering educational system found to be as follows: it is simple, attractive and dynamic, which upon completion, could be a good solution to an national engineering education procedure.