Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Associate Professor, Esfahan University of Technology, Department of Industrial Engineering

2 Lecturer, Esfahan, University of Technology, Department of Industrial engineering


A comparative study of education of engineering in Iran and some developed countries reveals a fundamental difference in the philosophy of education. In Iran learning is a merit, while today education is an investment. This fundamental difference has been reflected in methods and contents of the education disciplines. Different aspects of engineering education such as the length of the courses, contents of each course, optional and compulsory courses, grading system, graduate levels, mathematics and the basic physics, research-education sections and the role of universities in creating wealth is discussed in this comparative study. In this paper this comparison is focused on education engineering mechanics in Iranian universities and some elite universities in the UK, Germany and USA. The paper suggests new concepts in education such as student-centered teaching, problem-based learning, and technology- enriched-active learning.