Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 ph.D Student,Shahid Beheshti University

2 MSc.,of Civil Engineering, Iran Science and Industry University


In traditional instruction system, the three elements including instructor, student, and curriculum are foundations which make the learning a process of interaction of both teachers and students’ during physical presence. This form of education is not adequate at the current condition of technology. Because an efficient system of education must include all available activities, such as distance learning, virtual learning, and other technological potentials. Nowadays the rapid growth of information technology and communication has provided new opportunities for modern education. For developing and promoting the education system, it is necessary to include the forth element in education system. This will play an important role besides other elements of traditional education system compromised of teacher, student and curriculum. Based on the research carried in this article, by taking into consideration the differences in level of teaching quality and educational services, in the accredited colleges of engineering in Iran and the world, the procedure of upgrading the fourth element of engineering courses teaching-learning system through utilization of information and communication technologies have been investigated and suggested.