Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Associate Professor, Architecture and Urban Studies Faculty, Department of Architecture,Iran University of Science and Technology

2 PhD Student, Architecture and Urban Studies Faculty, Department of Architecture, Iran University of Science and Technologfy


There is an increasing interest in establishing new degrees of landscape architecture in all over the world. Along with the growth in the number of universities which offer landscape architecture program, the qualitative review of program contents has been increasing. Requisite knowledge & skills for landscape architects have an essential role in reviewing of educational program. This paper intends to analyze the training & educational text about landscape architecture, experiments of universities and employment demands. The outcome of these studies is a knowledge-based framework for landscape architects. In this framework the most important knowledge and requisite skills which landscape architects need them, are represent. Findings of this paper explain that we can shape the above framework according to the procedural and natural dimensions of landscape architecture. Landscape architecture encompasses the holistic humanistic-environmental approach of landscape architecture as a natural dimension and economic, social, technological, administrative and communicational items as procedural dimensions. This framework could be implemented in Iranian universities.