Document Type : Scientific - Research


Professor, Shiraz University, Faculty of Engineering


 Engineering professional performances, duties, and responsibilities in social, economical and industrial development have an important role in various sectors of industries, programming and management in the country. With such a concern, the revision of engineering education curriculum and including new social and human sciences are reported to be of great interest in the past decade. It is an accepted fact that in today’s globalization and knowledge based societies, the engineering education cannot be successful with only teaching various traditional courses. Having qualified faculty members with both excellent knowledge in their field of specialty and high wisdom and dedication as well as insight to human knowledge and ethics are very important for the social growth of the engineering students. Faculty members in the engineering schools are the main symbols for the students who follow their pattern in their life and career during their studies. If these members have high morals and good dedication to their duties and responsibilities, then more likely the students will utilize these style and professional attitude in their life manner of working habit after graduation. In this article it is tried to elaborate such aspects of ethics among faculty members of engineering schools with regards to the intellectual philosophy and superiority of having more human relationship with students. Valuable sources on engineering ethics are discussed and strong scientific and friendship interaction between faculty members and students to develop valuable graduate engineers are emphasized.