Document Type : Scientific - Research


ph.D HE Development Planning, Shahid Beheshti University


 Based on the tow big scientific revolutions, the functions including education, research, social services and technology and academic entrepreneurship were the missions of universities especially technical-engineering discipline. Based on dynamic government-university-industry triple helix model, the functions of government, university, and industry were developed and overlapped and expectation from university system and technical-engineering subsystem for technology, academic entrepreneurship and procurement of national innovation system are also uploaded. In this article, based on the cybernetic model of science & technology system, status of technical-engineering discipline in three sections including potential, efficiency and effectiveness investigated. Analysis are made with two approaches of existing data and field study. Based on the cybernetic model of science & technology system, status of scientific and academic system especially technological-engineering discipline status must develop, upgrade with appropriate balanced. According to the analysis of this research, potential, efficiency and effectiveness have not relative balance. The potential of technical-engineering discipline is higher than efficiency and its efficiency is higher than its effectiveness. Thus, technical-engineering discipline effectiveness and efficiency must be monitor and increased. The policy-making of scientific system of technical-engineering discipline should be managed with concurrent attention to potential, efficiency and effectiveness principles.