Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Assistant Professor, Iran University of Science and Technology, School of Railway Engineering

2 M.A. in Linguistics and Educational Technology Expert in e- Learning Center of Iran University of Science and Technology


New technologies have created proper facilities to ease education and learning. Effective uses of these technologies in education require the recognition of human learning model and their advantages and disadvantages. Based on the proposed operant human model, learners’ motivation to pursue the educational content is one of the influential factors which are greatly affected by human emotions. Although by using e-learning technology, most physical and economical limitations are removed, but face-to-face communication of students and teachers for a great extent reduced. Therefore the amount of emotion and learners’ motivation among the students and teachers will drop. Thus it is important to consider the disadvantage of using e-learning technologies and providing a solution to resolve it limitations. In this paper, according to the collected experience through e-learning objects design of bridge superstructure design course, an emotional and interactive instructional model is presented and the process of e-learning object design is expressed and discussed.