Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Msc,Industrial Engineering Information Center

2 Associate Professor of Industrial Engineering Yazd University


Today, the roles of human resources are becoming more important as science and technology advances. They are relying more on human-based activities. Managers, in particular, have a higher priority because of their decision making and driving role in any organization. If managers are being empowered, they will affect the whole organization acting as a critical success factor. One part of the empowerment is related to required managerial skills that enable them to be more powerful in the decision making process. In this study, following the elaboration of empowerment and its role in the development of employees and managers, the present challenges facing managers in the industrial sector have been discussed. The industrial engineering curriculum has been studied regarding the role that each course plays in fulfilling the industrial needs of managers. QFD technique has been applied to relate the two sides on which basis IE courses are prioritized. The results show that courses such as "production planning", " plant layout", "work and time study", "feasibility study", " payment systems " higher priority in empowering managers; courses such as "queuing theory", "transportation planning", " simulation", "safety and industrial hygiene" show minimum priority. It is also clearly shown that courses on subjects such as ”introduction to law (public and private sectors), ” banking systems”, “exchange rate fluctuations”, and “new investment” are to be added to the industrial engineering curriculum.