Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Professor ,Mechanical Engineering Department, Amir Kabir University of Technology

2 MSc,Mechanical Engineering Department, Amirkabir University of Technology

3 MSc,Mechanival Engineering Department, Aamir Kabir University of Technology


The development of the human life increases the need of new materials and makes it an inevitable and undeniable issue. Perhaps in the past decades no one could consider that these materials some day play such a key role in his life. Today, metals such as iron and copper alone cannot would be responsive to human needs, therefore these needs require more focus on research and evaluation in the field of new materials. Certainly, the increasing of knowledge of new materials in scientific and industrial societies is an introduction to expand the use of these material and also taking advantage of the extra features in different aspects of life. So in this paper, investigation of these materials has been considered. New materials generally are classified to five main categories. These categories include, Functionally Graded Materials, Smart Materials, Shape Memory Alloys, Composite Materials and Nano Materials. In this paper, new material structures and their application have been investigated briefly, and academic research and application of new materials in Iran and some other countries has been reviewed.