Document Type : Scientific - Research


Assistant Professor, Institute of Social and cultural Studies, Tehran, Iran.


Learning situation is one of the main elements of higher education and engineering education quality. To achieve better quality in higher education involve multiple elements such teacher, students, national context, academic management, curriculum, personnel, financial and physical resources, educational technologies, production and flowing of information and knowledge are very important. One of the objective displays of learning situation in the actual education system is classroom and at least four key elements of teacher, student, curriculum and educational technologies exist in a classroom simultaneously. Teacher and students are the most important bases in a teaching-learning system that all efforts and interventions should center to increase efficiency and effectiveness of the two vital bases. In the education process, whatever context, conditions, opportunity and situation for activity and effectiveness of professor and students, it is vital to increase quality, efficiency and effectiveness of total teaching-learning system. In the present paper, I have studied how to use and find effects of power resources by engineering higher education teachers in three universities of technology in Tehran by mixed methodology. Based on the research, for leadership of learning process, engineering education teachers don’t use optimum combination of institutional, cognitive and emotional power resources simultaneously. Simultaneously using power resources by teachers is a key factor to create learning emotion and motivation, creativity and innovation, cultural production, to play leadership role of learning and productive transfer of knowledge by teachers.