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Objective: One of the important categories in education is the process of teaching and learning, which is all educational activities to lay the right foundation for the realization of this process. This study aimed to identify the components affecting the teaching-learning process for the training of efficient engineering technical students with high employability.
Materials and methods: In this research, a qualitative approach and content analysis method were used. The study participants were purposefully selected and a semi-structured interview was conducted with 15 informants people who had lived experience in engineering education. Also, the documents of 11 universities and colleges active in engineering education with high employability were analyzed.
Results and Discussion: Includes 6 categories or domain : Teaching method, with 16 subcategories or dimension; Curriculum with 8 subcategories; Characteristics of the teacher and how to communicate with the student with 11 subcategories; Evaluation with 3 subcategories; Strengthening skills and characteristics that should be considered in the classroom with 13 subcategories; Learning support services with 14 subcategories. This study showed that several factors affect the effectiveness of the teaching-learning process that should be considered by policy makers.


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