Document Type : Scientific - Research


Assistant Professor, School of Education and Psychology, Shiraz University, Shiraz, Iran.


The internal and external academic interactions of academic pillars, such as the academic staff and students can be the cause that we look at the knowledge-sharing between the processes of knowledge management in university. In the current decade, the process of knowledge sharing among academics has been raised as a subject and field of studies in higher education literature. This study is an attempt to examine the factors affecting knowledge sharing behavior from the viewpoint of academics. The research population studied consisted of fulltime academics of engineering and non engineering academic universities in Tehran. We randomly selected 227 academic members according for the survey. The research instrument was made by the researcher. The reliability of scale Cronbach's alpha was 0.903. Pearson correlation test, T test and ANOVA were used to analysis data. The results showed that in academic contexts the quality of knowledge donating was better than the quality of knowledge collecting. Academics in engineering group were better than others in constructive written interactions. Academics in engineering group were better than social science group in personal and networked interactions.