Document Type : Scientific - Research


Faculty member of Computer Engineering department , SHARIF University of Technology


Continuing changes in science and technology necessitate the development of high-quality interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary branches in engineering education. In this article, with regard to other countries approaches and experiences, a methodology to develop and improve such academic education is proposed.  The framework of this methodology is based on the generalization of Z models (course chain), knowledge area and knowledge unit model developed by ACM and IEEE, and defining a balanced and cohesive body of knowledge, named PADMEH. The required knowledge to enter such interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, and transdisciplinary courses has been proposed such that it prevents establishing low-quality degrees in higher education programs. The first part consists of defining standards, common concepts and differences of pre-disciplinary, disciplinary, and post-disciplinary in academic education. After that, the detailed description of proposed methodology, along with sufficient references, courses and thesis outlines, operational structure of administrative bodies, and minimum requirements of applicants, are been mentioned.