Document Type : Scientific - Research


1 Faculty of Chemical Engineering Sahand University of Technology Sahand New Town,Tabriz, IRAN

2 Chemical Engineering faculty, sahand university of Technology


Determining the exact level of environmental knowledge of engineering courses is important because of their importance in their job prospects and engagement in environmental activities. In this research, the environmental knowledge of engineering students at Sahand University of Technology of Tabriz has been evaluated. In this regard, statistical survey of 360 university students was conducted using stratified sampling method from 3 university engineering faculties in undergraduate, senior and Ph.D. sections by gender. The evaluation was performed using a standard questionnaire and the obtained data was processed using Excel software. The results showed that 44.5% of the students lacked an appropriate level of environmental knowledge. Meanwhile, only 10 percent of the students reported that the university's performance was good about raising the student's environmental knowledge. 32.4% of the students acknowledged that the promotion of environmental knowledge of the students was of great importance. According to the results, 17% of students are willing to take an environmental education course. The results showed that despite of improving the students' educational level, the level of environmental knowledge of students does not change much, which could be a warning to university officials in order to take steps to improve the University's performance in raising of the students' environmental knowledge, which today is one of the fundamental issues discussed in the industrial era.


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