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1 Faculty member/Sharif University of Technology



Holding short-term skill enhancement workshops can be a good opportunity to increase the performance and develop the abilities of experts for the all-round growth and development of society. The purpose of present research is to investigate the effectiveness of holding short-term skill enhancement workshops for automatic transmission repairs for three years for a statistical population of 142 people. First, the requirements and preparations for holding a standard skill enhancement workshop at four levels of needs assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of training effectiveness were carried out. After that, by selecting qualified instructors and training them and obtaining the required specialized qualifications, 142 people who participated in these workshops were trained and monitored over a period of three years. The results of this research show that only 42% of this statistical population continued to work in the aforementioned specialized field and 58% stopped working for various reasons. Only 22% managed to achieve good and excellent scores based on Kirkpatrick's evaluation model. 20% of people are still working in this specialized field, while their evaluation scores remain weak and average, and they have no motivation to improve their evaluation level.